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Shiva Ram is a renowned best Indian Psychic, Astrologer, Palmist,
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Spiritual healing is an integral part of alternative medicine. Restoring a mental disorder with touch or divine words- enabling and empowering the sufferer or victim to revitalize and rejuvenate to its normal life is known as spiritual healing.

All stages can be cured by spiritual healing – but not all types and genres of people. Many people are more approachable than others to this conduct, due to a number of elements such as karma and psychological stance. So healing can vary in causing impact. If the person who needs help has confidence in the process and the healer, then it will certainly promote and accelerate the healing process. If the person has no such faith on the spirituality as well as healing techniques, the impacts are not so significant and takes lot of time. Even the best spiritual healers cannot help in case of mistrust and lack of self-reliance.

One effective way of spiritual healing is contact healing. The technique aims at sanitising the patient’s sensation and transferring divine energy through some of their major chakras and the area of uneasiness by meditation and physical connection. Each treatment takes about half an hour to yield best result. The other method is absent healing. Absent healing is fundamentally distribution of mystical vitality to people by pleading for them to improve and enhance according to their karmic outline, and may also comprise the chanting of mantra. It is important to always envisage the patient in supreme health when doing this, since this will augment the therapeutic development.

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  • Best astrological and psychic guidance through telephonic conversations.
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  • Removal of any black magic
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  • Subsiding fear of divorce or separation from love through astrological treatment
  • Excellent Indian spiritual healing with proven results.
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  • Solving any financial crisis and guaranteed progress in career
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